【After care】

After having a tattoo never go to communal facilities such as a communal bath, Onsen, pool, beach, sauna and a tanning salon.

If the area with a tattoo is immersed in hot water or water bacteria will get in and cause festering.

Furthermore, if the area being tattooed is tanned it will result in blurring of the ink.

(We may decline working on those who are tanned in advance.)

In addition, please refrain from strenuous exercise and drinking as they may stimulate the tattooed area and also induce sweating.

Please take off the protection cover when showering. The tattooed area should not be scrubbed

but gently wash off any Vaseline or body fluid.

(When doing so, ink may flow out from the skin together with your body fluid but please do not worry as this does not mean that the color is fading.)

After a shower, gently wipe off the tattooed area with a towel and after drying it off completely please put a thin layer of Vaseline or body cream with a clean hand.

After a shower you do not need to put a protection cover. Also, never disinfect the area.

During the healing process ink may ooze out from the tattooed area together with your body fluid but please do not worry as this does not mean that the color is fading.

Scabs will form after a week or so but never try and peel them off forcefully.

If you do so it may cause color fading or delay the healing process.

You may also experience itchiness but please do not scratch.

This may cause color to fade. If itchiness persists, put a Vaseline or body cream on the affected area.

This will reduce the itchiness slightly.

After the scabs come off a film will form on the skin and shine will appear.

At this stage it may look as though the color is fading but it is only the film forming on the skin and the color is not actually fading.

After about a month the tattoo would have settled down on the skin and for those whose color has partially faded at this stage are likely to have scratched the area unknowingly during their sleep.

※ With regards to aftercare, the tattoo artist will inform you directly on the day so please cooperate by following his/her instructions.

(Those noted above are the general aftercare methods. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions !!)